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10 Tips when buying your new home before saying yes !

Built Right Building Inspections – Avail Error-Free Reports

We have 35 years of total experience in the field of building and construction and now it has been 16 years that we are in the industry of Building Inspections as a family owned business in Perth, Australia. Our clients trust us for our flawless efforts that help them to get a comprehensive report on the latest condition of the property.

One Man – Multiple Services

As a family-owned business, we never hire any Building Inspector from outside the company. John is the man who takes all the responsibility for this job. He is one of the most qualified, trusted and skilled building inspectors in Australia. He is in this job for multiple years and has a vast knowledge about inspecting the interior, exterior and structural elements of a building and then preparing the correct report.

Built Right Building Inspections – Avail Error-Free Reports

  • 1. We prepare the reports with full efficiency and honesty
  • 2. We use the latest technologies to inspect various parts of a house and create the report
  • 3. We make the report easy-to-understand as per the Australian standard for inspections AS 4349.1.
  • 4. We are registered bronze members of the HIA or Housing Industry Association.
  • 5. Every client receives constant communication from our team after the first contact till you get the final report.
  • 6. Our price is as affordable as you want it to be.
  • 7. We offer our building inspection services available for several sections of your property.

We are happy to travel wherever and whenever the inspection needs to be carried out. We often travel to country areas with a minimal travel fee. It doesn’t matter where in the metropolitan area, we cover all areas.

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